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Obviously there are still some issues here and there. Did you request the 12 rating or did you submit the build and then wait for PEGI's decision? We only send a specific version of the client to PEGI, which rates it and sends it back to us with the final decision.

People cannot connect to their accounts, for example. Then we can contest it, if we deem it's not the right rating. PEGI does, and they have their own process for that.

The decision to change slightly the Elin armour was made with En Masse, the US publisher of the game.

At first there was supposed to be a massive change on this race.

I won't say any bad words but you know what I mean, this can be even more offensive than if you have a big boobs character running around saying the same thing. Additionally, we have some very clever users who are changing the textures from the European to the Korean files. The same goes for some modifications that can be made to the game files.

Lucile Le Merle: Obviously this appears to all characters, whether it's a Human, High Elf or an Elin. So, for example, when you have a user playing an Elin character saying, oh, I'm a flat chested girl, come... While this is not something we promote actively, because changing the files of the game is prohibited by our terms of service, we know this is happening and we are not planning to do any kind of witch hunt if people have their own personal preferences. For example you can meddle with the files of the game and change the depth of field, or remove the bloom, which is not something you can change directly in the in-game options.

I won't say any bad words but you know what I mean, this can be even more offensive than if you have a big boobs character running around saying the same thing. While it is not explicitly authorised, we let it go because it has nothing to do with hacking.

Either EME develops its own content, which it adds to its own version of the game, which is then sent to us.Is that a suggestion that there may be people who are attracted to playing Tera for reasons that aren't to do with playing it in the right way? Obviously just like any other online game, there are going to be people who will be on the game but not to play it.They are going to be child predators, harassers, people who insult each other. However, we have customer support, which is working very hard to ensure nothing like that happens.But for our version of the game US publisher En Masse and European publisher Frogster censored the Elins, replacing panties with "shorties", adding longer tights and covering up exposed bellies.To say this decision, first announced back in 2010, caused a stir among Tera's loyal and vocal fanbase would be an understatement.

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(Diagonals are something else...) The Foveon sensor in the Sigma SD9 and SD10 cameras is sensitive to all three colors at each pixel site.

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Trisha enjoyed hot sauna and then called the masseur.

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Una crema hidratante de 2 euros es tan eficaz como la “super-loción-de-París” que cuesta 100 euros. Un antiarrugas es, simplemente, una crema hidratante a la que se le añaden proteinas vegetales.

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Multiple Exchange Transactions – First In First Out The Concept: First In First Out.